Setup tutorial for Ableton Live

1.Load ARPG8R VSTi and your favorite synth.

2.Set the synth's "MIDI From" to ARPG8R
3.Set the synth's channnel to ARPG8R
4.Set the synth's Monitor to "In"
5.Input chords on the ARPG8R track.

*Important!* for Live9.0 64bit OSX User

If you can not find "ARPG8R" in "Plug-Ins > VST", Please search "IPlugMonoSynth" (iplugmonosynth in lowercase) instead of "ARPG8R".
This issue has been fixed in Live 9.1.1 or later.

[Note] To improve midi timing

Shorten note lengths a bit on the piano roll to avoid overlapping notes.