How to setup ARPG8R on Logic (for Logic Pro 8 and 9)

1.Open Audio MIDI Setup (Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup)

2.Open IAC Driver (Window Menu > Show MIDI Window)

3.Enable "Device is online" and add some ports (bus)

4.In Logic, add a software-instrument track and hold I/O ...

load ARPG8R in track1

6.Click and drag the midi icon to set output midi port to "IAC Bus2" (for example)

7.Add your favorite Instrument to track2

8.Open environment (Window menu > Environment or Command + "8"key) and Open "Click & ports"

8-1.On Logic Pro X, Set Advanced MIDI-tools in Preferences and Command + "0" key to open "MIDI environment" and select "Click & ports"

9.Add new Instrument and name "FROM ARPG8R"(for example)

10.Connect "IAC Bus 2" to the instrument "FROM ARPG8R"

11.Push Option-key(⌥) + Click "FROM ARPG8R"'s Triangle to set output to Inst 2(track 2's instrument)

(If you get a message "Do you want to remove the channels port setting?", Select "Remove".)

12.Select Track1(ARPG8R) and input notes.

To improve midi timing

0.Download ARPG8R for AU ver (2013/01/30) or later

1.Set Side Chain to any value.

2.Shorten note length a bit on piano roll
to avoid overlapping notes.