ARPG8R | 32step VSTi MIDI Arpeggiator.


MIDI arpeggiator

ARPG8R is a MIDI arpeggiator. ARPG8R can work with any VST instrument you like.

ARPG8R は MIDI 出力可能な VSTi アルペジェータです。お気に入りの VSTi プラグインにアルペジオ機能を追加できます。

32 step pads

ARPG8R has 32 step pads. You can create your own arpeggio pattern.

32個の pad で各ステップを ON/OFF できます。これにより休符を含んだオリジナルパターンを作成できます。

5 arppegio modes

ARPG8R has 5 arppegio modes (Up, down, updown, rand, and manual). also Ployphinic Chord mode.


Shuffle and gate

Shuffle and gate function control the groove dynamically. they are important effect in electronic music.

エレクトロニックな音楽に欠かせない Shuffle や ゲートコントロール搭載。



0.9.5(2010.09.08): Added Accent function

0.9.5 x64(2012.07.07): Supports x64 x64(2014.02.21): 32bit + 64bit
Using on macOS Catalina or later (2014.10.23): Testing MIDI FX. (2014.11.02): Updated MIDI FX.
Setup for Logic pro X MIDI FX (2013.01.30): improve MIDI timing.
Setup for Logic AU

Demo limitation : after 20 minutes of usage, any note is changed to C3.
Requirements : Windows XP+, VST host



previous version 0.9.4 beta
previous version 0.9.3 beta
previous version 0.9.2 beta
previous version 0.9.0 beta


Glitch1 for iPhone

How to


Load ARPG8R as a VSTi instrument, load your favorite synth and connect it to ARPG8R. Setup tutorial for Cubase, Fl, Sonar, ACID, StudioOne, Reaper, BitwigStudio, Logic(AU), Logic(MIDI FX) and Live.

Input chord

Select the ARPG8R track and play the keyboard or input chord notes.

Manual mode

In Manual arp mode, the notes will be played in the order in which the keys are pressed.see more modes...

Gate length and Tie

You can set the length(%) for each notes. If it set to 101%, the note is played until next note-on.


If trun off KEYBORDS button, Arpeggio pattern is reset by step length.

to more complex arpeggio

Add delay effect to your 1/8 or 1/8dot arpeggio pattern. It makes more complex sequence.

Accent (ver 0.9.5+)

1.Right-Click(Mac:Shift+Click) a Step Pad to set a Accent Setp. 2.Set the Accent Knob to Adjust their velocity(-100% to 100%).

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