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Transform your digital images to analog-like pictures. AnalogColor has Beautiful Vignetting effect and film grain simulate. sample
You can get cross-processed* color easily.
* Cross processing is the procedure of deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film.
Within most cameras, Light-Leak is considered a major problem, But AnalogColor dare to simulate this fantastic effect. sample
Default presets provide quick setup. Fine-tuned presets are easily edited for fast setup.
This video is for AnalogColor ver.FULL (© 2009~) "mini" has not "Picture Frames" function 0:25~
AnalogColor mini
AnalogColor mini
(This product)
ToyCamera AnalogColor Full
AnalogColor FULL
(Big brother of ver. mini)
ToyCamera Vignetting
Blur/Film Grain
X-processing 6 types 8 types
Output File Type JPEG JPEG/PNG
Output Size Large
Up to 3000 px
Up to 5~8000 px
Number of Presets 5+ 20+
Store/Restore Settings
Photo Frame(Polaroid/Film Frame) 4 types
Clipboard (Copy Paste)
Preserve EXIF Data
Resize Window
Photo text
Support OS OS X 10.6 / 10.7 OS X 10.4.8 ~ 7
Windows XP ~ 7
Released 2011.08.16 ~ 2009.06.15 ~
Price $ 5.99 Approx. $ 9.99 ~ $ 12.00
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Sample photos
WhitA from Frickr
Martin Pettitt from Frickr
jesse.millan from Frickr
travlinman from Frickr
rumble1973 from Frickr
kanegen from Frickr
jenny downing from Frickr

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